Although many modern couples have already set up home together, it is still a good idea to give your guests an idea of your taste and what items you would like. You can place your list with a shop or department store (or split it between a few) as this service is usually free – remember to include a wide variety of gifts that will cover all budgets.

If you would prefer cash or gift vouchers here are some examples of other wording:
Your presence rather than presents are important to us however John Lewis gift vouchers would be appreciated.

Having just moved into our first house together there are still many things we need for our new home. We would appreciate gift vouchers for Next, Ikea or M&S. But please do not feel obliged to buy us anything – we would just love you to be there.

And here’s some more creative ideas that past Brides and Grooms have come up with:

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday, is the first thing to say
We hope you can share the love and happiness on our wedding day.
So if your thoughts were of a gift, your presence will suffice
But if you really want to, help towards our honeymoon would be nice.
The choice is really up to you and we would like to say
We hope you come and enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day.

We know it’s not traditional, it’s not the way it’s done
But instead of a wedding list, we’d like a bit of sun
Please do not think of us as rude, please do not take offence
We do not want to upset you, that’s not the way it’s meant.
We’ve lived together quite a while and all the bills are paid
We’ve got out plates, our pots and pans, our plans have all been made.
So if you’d like to give us a gift to help us celebrate
Some money for a honeymoon we really would appreciate.

To celebrate our wedding you may wish to buy us presents
However this is not required, all we want is your presence
If you insist, we must admit, some money would be great
to help us with our new house at a later date.
Regardless of which choice you make, all we would like to say,
is come along and have some fun, on this our special day.

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