Traveling to Hawaii? What you can expect when touring Maui

If you are visiting Hawaii, then you cannot miss visiting Maui because Maui is one of greatest attractions in the incredible island of Hawaii. However, when it comes to talking about the greatest attractions in Maui, you find yourself completely blind as you don’t have any information about the things that you can see in Maui.

You must take a visit to the to prepare the list of the things that you are going to see in Maui. In this article, we are also going to share information about the things that you can expect to see in Maui. We were also looking to talk about the activities that you can perform in Maui but due to lack of time, we are only going to talk about one topic.

We will discuss the other topic in the future. The information we have gathered for you is taken from the expert guides that provide instructions to the travelers that come to visit Maui. Here are some of the important things that you can expect to see when touring Maui.

The arrival of whales

The whales start reaching this beautiful island in the month of November. So, if you are going to visit Maui in the winter, then you’ll get the chance to see these whales moving from one place to another. You are not even supposed to enter the water to see these whales as you can easily see them from the shore. You can also listen to the sound of whales when you go for snorkeling.

Crazy Dolphins

The dolphins are found in different parts of the world and you can even see them on your television but when you watch them live in Maui, you see them performing several activities that you never get to see on the television. The Dolphins show several stunts with their instructor and they try to entertain the visitors that have come to see them.

When they get the appreciation for performing their stunts, they become really crazy and they start performing stunts that cannot be seen in any part of the world.

Unique Celebration of Halloween

If you are going to visit this beautiful island during the Halloween seasons, you’ll get to see a unique and incredible way of celebration here. The residents of this island prepare different kinds of shapes with the pumpkins that they have grown throughout the year. The Halloween is celebrated in a traditional Hawaiian way on this island. So, you’ll definitely enjoy this unique way of celebration.

Combination of tradition

You’ll get to see several kinds of traditions on this island as people from different parts of the world have gathered on this island. So, you’ll get to know many important things about their traditions and you’ll find many new friends from other traditions and cultures. Here is a list of things that you can perform while you are in Maui.…

The Wedding List

The Wedding List

Although many modern couples have already set up home together, it is still a good idea to give your guests an idea of your taste and what items you would like. You can place your list with a shop or department store (or split it between a few) as this service is usually free – remember to include a wide variety of gifts that will cover all budgets.

If you would prefer cash or gift vouchers here are some examples of other wording:
Your presence rather than presents are important to us however John Lewis gift vouchers would be appreciated.

Having just moved into our first house together there are still many things we need for our new home. We would appreciate gift vouchers for Next, Ikea or M&S. But please do not feel obliged to buy us anything – we would just love you to be there.

And here’s some more creative ideas that past Brides and Grooms have come up with:

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday, is the first thing to say
We hope you can share the love and happiness on our wedding day.
So if your thoughts were of a gift, your presence will suffice
But if you really want to, help towards our honeymoon would be nice.
The choice is really up to you and we would like to say
We hope you come and enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day.

We know it’s not traditional, it’s not the way it’s done
But instead of a wedding list, we’d like a bit of sun
Please do not think of us as rude, please do not take offence
We do not want to upset you, that’s not the way it’s meant.
We’ve lived together quite a while and all the bills are paid
We’ve got out plates, our pots and pans, our plans have all been made.
So if you’d like to give us a gift to help us celebrate
Some money for a honeymoon we really would appreciate.

To celebrate our wedding you may wish to buy us presents
However this is not required, all we want is your presence
If you insist, we must admit, some money would be great
to help us with our new house at a later date.
Regardless of which choice you make, all we would like to say,
is come along and have some fun, on this our special day.

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Wording for inviting Children

Wording for inviting Children

If some of your guests are bringing children, you may want to include some information for them on the Guest Information card – such as if an entertainer is available, children’s menu, or ask guests to bring plenty of toys and colouring books to keep their kids entertained. However if you’d like to exclude children, you need to make it clear (in a nice way!), that they are not invited. Heres some ideas previous Brides and Grooms have had.

Unfortunately due to number restrictions we have been unable to extend your invitation to include any children during the day. They are more than welcome to join in for the evening reception. We hope this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience and that you will still be able to attend and share our wedding with us. Please enjoy your ‘day off’ in our company.

After careful consideration we have decided not to invite any children apart from those involved in the bridal party. We hope this does not cause offence.

We are sorry, but due to limited space and the nature of the venue we are unable to extend this invitation to children or babies.

Regretfully, although we’d love to see your children on our special day, we sadly are unable to accommodate them, so please take this opportunity to give yourselves the day off!

As many of you have decided to go and have lots of children over recent years, we simply can not accommodate them all, so why not leave them at the grandparents and come and have a late night.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions on daytime guests, we are unable to extend this invitation to your children. However we will happily welcome children to the evening reception from 7pm. We hope you will understand this decision and that you will see this as an opportunity to let your hair down and join us in enjoying our special day!

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